One of the big events on the USA Wrestling Calendar is the National Dual tournaments. USA Wrestling Age Groups are based on year of birth so Schoolboy is 2001-2002, Cadet 1999-2000 and Junior is anyone born in 1995 or later and still in HS. Below is a summary of how Lockport kids did for each respective dual team this year.

Schoolboy Greco - IL 4th
Matt Ramos 2-1
Ronald Tucker 7-0

Schoolboy Freestyle - IL 1st
Matt Ramos 3-0
Ronald Tucker 7-0

Cadet Greco - IL 1st
Trevell Timmons 3-0

Cadet Freestyle - IL 1st
Abdullah Assaf 3-1
Baylor Fernandes 5-1
Trevell Timmons 6-0

Junior Freestyle - IL 2nd
Shayne Oster 3-2

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