A few years back I started gathering historical information on the Lockport Wrestling program from yearbooks, newspaper microfilm, stats and pictures from Coach Williams, interviews with alumni and coaches. We now have a relatively thorough history of our program the first pieces of which can be seen on this website. After a lot of discussion and ideas we decided to make what I've started referring to as "The Wall". Anyone who has been in the University of Illinois wrestling room will recognize it as an inspiration. 

Hundreds of man hours have gone into this project from several people from researching, sourcing, scanning, processing and placing photos. The Wall is huge 90.5 feet long and 50 inches tall with space to add. Every state placer, NCAA, NJCAA, USA Wrestling, FILA/UWW All-American is included with a color picture and list of accomplishments. All-State Champions, NCAA Champions and World Team Members have a larger photo. There are also photos of all 7 head coaches and every team photo from the first season in 1955-present. 

The artwork was dropped off with Bannerville USA earlier this week and installation is scheduled for August 4th. 

Thanks to all those who contributed in someway to this project especially:
Dan Winter - Scanning 60 years worth of yearbooks
Joe Williams - Huge amounts of stats, photos, etc
Kevin Sealy - Design ideas, processing photos
Laura Oster - Photoshop help...lots of photoshop help

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