This event took place on 12/30.  Apologies for this write-up not being up to the usual standard - error on the website resulted in several posts being deleted, including this Tri’s write-up.  Now, it’s being written from memory nearly a month later, where it’s obviously going to be less detailed.  Apologies, wrestlers and fans.

For the second Saturday in a row, Lockport squared off with multiple teams.  This time, Lockport headed over to Yorkville to take on Grant and the host Yorkville squad, coached by Jake Oster - brother of our own coaches, Josh and Jameson Oster, and 2004 State Champion for Lockport.  Wrestling Grant in the first dual of the day and Yorkville in the third dual, the Porters put on a solid performance and came away with a 2-0 record on the weekend, putting the team back above .500 on the season.

On the day, Matt Ramos (113), Anthony Molton (120), Zach Reese (152/160), and Parker Pavlacka-Piel (195/220) all came away with 2-0 records, with both Ramos and Molton securing their wins by pinfall.  Also picking up at least one win on the day included Jake D’Angelo (126), Garrett Golob (132), Matt Mahalik (138), Chris McMurtry (145), Baylor Fernandes (152), John Pacetti (160), Malik Daghash (170), and Brandon Baker (285).  With more wrestlers out, a yet-to-be-full lineup, and wrestlers giving up 20+ pounds, a handful of these guys are coming out and just battling everytime they take the mat, whether or not the wins are coming.  But I’ll leave it to the coaches to name those names and give those accolades.  They may not be noted as much here, but these wrestlers are without a doubt noticed by their coaches and their teammates.

One point worth noting is a friendly sibling “redemption  Although neither team had a full lineup at Barrington, Yorkville placed higher than Lockport.  And, looking at the box scores, though Yorkville did not have their full lineup in place today, a bit of redemption for head coach Josh Oster came after falling behind younger brother Jake at Barrington.  That being said, we want to wish Jake and his team a great rest of the year and best of luck moving forward.

Box Scores

Lockport 36, Grant 28
220: Keleb Perzigian GRNT dec. Jacob Rosin LKPT, 2-0 / 0-3
285: Brandon Baker LKPT dec. Nash-Martinez GRNT, 1-0 / 3-3
106: Chris Lozos GRNT fall Ryan Oster LKPT, 1:20 / 3-9
113: Matt Ramos LKPT fall Zach Hiltzer GRNT, 3:24 / 9-9
120: Anthony Molton LKPT fall Corbin Henningson GRNT, 4:50 / 15-9
126: Tucker Rogan GRNT dec. Anthony Crapia LKPT, 7-0 / 15-12
132: Dylan Rinkenberger GRNT major dec. Garrett Golob LKPT, 13-2 / 15-16
138: Sam Maldanado GRNT dec. Matt Kronsbein LKPT, 5-4 / 15-19
145: Spencer Welter GRNT dec. Chris McMurtry LKPT, 4-0 / 15-22
152: Zach Reese LKPT fall Ethan Geist GRNT, 1:43 / 21-22
160: John Pacetti LKPT dec. Kyle Rainey GRNT, 6-4 / 24-22
170: Malik Daghash LKPT fall Gabe Sachs GRNT, 1:10 / 30-22
182: Justin Branne GRNT fall Yousif Salah LKPT, 2:26 / 30-22
195: Parker Pavlacka-Piel LKPT forfeit GRNT / 36-28

Lockport 45, Yorkville 24
106: Derek Butts YKVL fall Ryan Oster LKPT, 1:45 / 0-6
113: Matt Ramos LKPT tech. fall Cole Ferguson YKVL, 19-4 / 5-6
120: Anthony Molton LKPT fall Justin Hames YKVL, 2:26 / 11-6
126: Jake D`Angelo LKPT forfeit YKVL / 17-6
132: Garrett Golob LKPT forfeit YKVL / 23-6
138: Matt Mahalik LKPT dec. Joe Bass YKVL, 6-5 / 26-6
145: Chris McMurtry LKPT fall Gunar Peterson YKVL, 3:51 / 32-6
152: Baylor Fernandes LKPT major dec. Joey Roberts YKVL, 11-1 / 36-6
160: Zach Reese LKPT dec. Tyler Toney YKVL, 8-5 / 39-6
170: Cale Reeder YKVL dec. Austin Kolada LKPT, 8-5 / 39-9
182: Sam Weisbrook YKVL dec. John Tomas LKPT, 6-0 / 39-12
195: Brady Fisher YKVL fall Yousif Salah LKPT, 1:43 / 39-18
220: Parker Pavlacka-Piel LKPT fall Jacob Simmons YKVL, 3:00 / 45-18
285: Keenan Ness fall Brandon Baker LKPT, 1:59 / 45-24